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National membership is not necessary to participate in local functions.  Please contact me if you are interested in more information.

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Membership information may be found on the Weston A. Price Foundation website here.  A membership form can be downloaded here.



  1. I we are pasture based organic farmers who raise clean food and are considering a cow share program….we are at the Lafayette Farmer’s market weekly and deliver in the off season to the curbside of La Scala restaurant in Lafayette, IN every other week.. We carry Lard and other pastured meats..Our beef and lamb are 100 percent pasture raised our hogs and chickens do require so grain..we are feeding our hogs on nonGMO corn…

    I also link to Weston Price on our website.

    I have a question..we grind grain for our family bread et al…I make large batches..12 pounds…how can I sprout the grain first..I have Nourishing Traditions and can’t seem to quite figure it out..could I get information on that from someone…

    I am also a board certified nurse practitioner…I specialize in “self-induced illnesses”..diabetes et al bit unlike my peers I do not like Statin drugs et al…so we add that dynamic to our farm as is medicine…

    Thanks, J. Abby Abbott-Rider

  2. Thanks for leaving the message. I added you to the list of food sources. I have not personally sprouted wheat before, but I have listed a couple of blog posts below which can give you some information about sprouting grains (but not in large batches). I hope they are helpful, if not try contacting the author of that blog because she is pretty knowledgeable about topics like that.

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